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About me

Little something about me, 

Life hasn't always been always easy. I found it hard to fit in 

with others. I was shy, and sometimes, awkward. I felt alone a lot of the time. 

At a young age I picked up art as a way of expressing myself. Art has always been a constant for me in life. I'm not perfect by any means, but I've started to embrace, and love the person who I've grown to be. Through most of my life I've delt with the hurdling ongoing challenges of addiction. I've fallen many times but always got right back up.

I'm putting myself out there to show you that it's never to late to do the things you love, and to never give up on yourself when things get hard. 

 I put a lot of heart, and soul into my designs, and my paintings..hopefully you like what you see.

Forward-Rise is exactly what I've done and will continue to do in my journey in life. 

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